SECONDO sells on your behalf on a 50% commission basis with GST (15%) deducted.

Your clothes and accessories are stocked on a consignment basis.

Please bring your clothes and accessories into SECONDO for owner Christie Stephens or one of the SECONDO sales assistants to view.

SECONDO only sells clothing and accessories in near-new condition.The better the condition, the more likely the item is to sell.

Please bring in pieces that suit the current season or upcoming season. For example, bring in summer clothes in during spring, and winter clothes in during autumn.

If your clothes do not sell within one month, you choose whether you want to come and collect them or whether you are happy for them to be donated to charity. Please call SECONDO to check if any of your items have sold within the one month time period. If money is owed to you, SECONDO will provide you with a cheque.

If you purchase items from SECONDO, thank you, enjoy and we look forward to seeing you again! Please remember we are a recycled clothing boutique and we cannot allow exchanges, refunds, or laybys.